There isn’t anything I didn’t like. This was the second time using Franz, Joe, and CBBain. The process was relatively simple for us. Franz and Joe worked hard on both the sale of our first home and the purchase of our second, and they made selling and purchasing at the same time seamless.
— Dave + Jake, 2015
I appreciated the communication throughout the purchase process, and the referrals for a bunch of folks (e.g., movers, inspectors, landscapers) that were instrumental in making our move as painless as possible. I also really liked how they stepped up and funded some additional electrical work that was necessary to close on the financing side of things. Overall, both Franz & Joe were a pleasure to work with. In eBay terms A+++ would do business again :)
— John + Carolyn, 2015
It was much quicker and easier than I had remembered selling and buying a home to be. Franz and Joe Overland were fantastic in every way.
— Jack + Heidi, 2015
Franz and Joe (F+J) are awesome to work with. F+J clearly understood our requirements and showed us the property that we like. We had our complete freedom to make our own decisions that were in the market. F+J never pushed us on to buy that are not convincing. They were also open and candid on making recommendations. Being first time home buyer, I was always worried about reading between the lines on the contract. They were clearly explaining us everything on the contract and helped us get the home that we liked without any problems. I wish there could be some scope for negotiate certain things which I clearly understand that it is not possible in the current market situations. We are completely happy about the service that they provided us and I will recommend to my friends and colleagues.
— Kamesh + Gayathri, 2015
I asked them for a quick and painless sale. They delivered! Exactly what I was hoping for.
— Michael, 2014
OUTSTANDING, one of the many words that describe Franz & Joe. They were very professional but at the same time warm & gracious. They kept us informed at all times. Their marketing was amazing. Top notch all the way!!!
— Dan + Teri, 2012

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein